Frequently Asked Questions before you go on board

A cruise vacation on a grand scale means you’ll have adventures such as ice-skating or sunbathing and best of all, we’ll tell you what you need to know every step of the way, so you can arrive ready to explore. In case you are interested in a useful tip, take note that single men who want to find some company may hire an escort, which can be paid to show them the most amazing attractions in a port, while fulfilling their wildest sexual fantasies as well. The shore excursions are stunning, but if you single for the first time and you want to party, you should be able to find a charming girl at an escort agency, so don’t miss out on the occasion, no matter where the stop takes place. These days, many girls choose to become escorts as they can earn money in a short period of time, and you’ll just need a little luck to find one.

What is provided during the onboard experience?

Treat yourself to refreshing ice cream every day or chilled milk served every afternoon, enjoy signature shows with music, choreography and casts at sea, cozy up with complimentary popcorn as you watch Hollywood blockbusters or concerts on the poolside while musicians entertain you. Facilities vary so make sure you check the cruise pages to discover the options available: dining options prepared from scratch, an ever-changing menu of options for lunch in the main dining rooms, your choice of traditional dining in the evening or an array of dining venues for craving such as fresh pastries, crisp salads or warm rolls three times daily. Let loose at deck parties that go till late at night, go to dance classes, demonstrations, lectures in art history, flip through satellite channels or relax on your stateroom television, peruse the onboard library and check out the youth program with age-specific activities from experiments to crafts, makeovers and dance parties, but don’t forget that a fee may apply to health and sports activities.

Here, you will learn about the many destinations of the ships and the experiences you may book, so sit back and enjoy your vacation. So, you welcome!

If you’ve got a drinker in you, what will delight us on a cruise?

Many have an all-inclusive program that allows you to enjoy a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages through a flat daily rate, but each adult must purchase another program if they want alcoholic beverages next to their unlimited soda program. If you wish to purchase it with a gift card, be aware of the price adjustments implemented, which will replace any advertised price, and take note of which beverages are included and are served in the dining room 24/7: usually there is non-bottled water, unsweetened tea and non-specialty coffee. This can be purchased online or by contacting the specific department, and there is a cut-off for pre-purchase until the evening prior to the departure, even though you can sign up at a bar location as well.

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