Working on a Cruise Ship – General information and tips

When you’re enjoying your cruise, chances are you’ll be looked after, but when you disembark, but the crew will stay onboard long after you’re gone, and it might sound like a dream job. Your values reflect the character and represent what is important, defining what it means to provide an extraordinary level of care for guests and be truly living, because guests have high expectations of employees, so you’ll gain cruise ship experience representing a cruise line that is extremely passionate and offers reward programs. In the years you’ll be at sea, you can water sky in the islands or parasail in Seychelles, and you’ll get paid to do it while you see the world, earning money.


We will provide you with a glimpse into the behind the scenes, touring the crew housing and show you what we learned, facts about working you might not know. Each year thousands of people go cruising, as tourism is the largest industry and there are 30 cruise ships being built as we speak, which means that there is an increasing number of jobs for vastly different skills to work at sea. Cruise ships are staffed by service and customer service professionals, required to sign contracts, but you can work in any aspect of the ship’s staff and concessionaires in the shops.


If you love cruising, you might want to get a cruise ship job and work on water, as there are a lot of jobs in the cruise industry which employs thousands of staff on luxury ships and there is one member for every two passengers. Wages are similar to those on land but most jobs come with lodging, which means you get to be working and saving in addition, through well-documented traveling anywhere on the globe, from Spitzbergen to Hawaii, under the sunsets of the Mediterranean.

  1. The cruise industry is still building 5,000-plus-passenger ships

In common, the cruise lines operate recruitment programs in countries such as China in order to ensure it has enough staff and open offices with the aim of increasing the crew in the next years, and many potential members apply after hearing about the opportunities from family members, so there is never danger of a shortage.


  1. The first step for a job is to make a checklist of experience

If you have a talent, this is one way to be considered, as crew from ships fill some specialized roles such as in the guest services or a position in the spa.


  1. Don’t take their word for it, let the team members tell you

Learn more by watching video of their team members, whether they work in technical services or they are a senior purser.


  1. Go cruise ship job hunting

For work in bars you will have to be over 21. Should you receive an offer, you are in a strong position to choose the terms, but this means that you should be very selective, so target companies that are most likely to require your skills and age.

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